Haunted Haven

Yes, We will be open in 2020!

Please review our COVID-19 Policies

Haunted Haven is currently planning on opening for the 2020 season.

As Haunted Haven approaches the 2020 season, we understand that this year is very different than previous years. This has been a hard year for businesses everywhere and with government mandates and new health code regulations, it is important to discuss how we as an attraction plan to operate this season.

As of right now we plan to open as scheduled with the following guidelines:

What is Haunted Haven doing to keep our customers safe? We understand some of these guidelines may cause an inconvenience, and we thank our customers for complying with our policies. We also understand many haunts and Halloween events are being cancelled. We plan on being open unless state or local government tells us otherwise.

2020 has proven to be scarier than anything we could come up with! But we still have some fun tricks and scares up our sleeves that we hope will help make your year a little more enjoyable.

From our haunt family to you, Happy Halloween!