2.5 miles south of Rock Falls, IL on the corner of Route 40 and Grennan Rd, just off of I-88
(815) 590-2131
Admission $12 - Last ticket sold at 11pm - Open till last victim enters

Haunted Haven

Tweaker the clown

Tweaker the psychopathic clown has been banned from appearing in any circus sideshow for life. It's rumored by spectators that he turned his last ringmaster into his own personal puppet high above the main stage. As the curtain opened, the gore of a human puppet was too much for the crowd to handle. They gasped in horror; Tweaker just laughed in excitement as if he was a little boy playing with his favorite toy. Several attempts have been made to stop Tweaker and his sadistic clown friends from ever opening their sideshow again. Tweaker is still roaming free. Look out for his next opening act in a twisted circus near you.